How to Become an Intimacy Professional

So You Can Finally Create a Successful Career in Entertainment Without Burning Out or Sacrificing Your Sanity!

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In This Webinar, You'll Get...

  • Expert insight into how¬†developing a specialized skill-set can help you maximize your income¬†and create a¬†positive impact on the industry, beyond the traditional paths of acting, directing, or producing
  • Specific strategies¬†to finally stand out in entertainment, even if you have that sneaky inner voice that says you‚Äôre not good enough

  • A blueprint to¬†raise your rates and have the freedom to choose the projects that are most meaningful to you

  • Our¬†proven 3-step process to build a¬†successful career as an intimacy professional, land your next dream project, and finally create systemic change in your industry

Welcome to the IDC Community!

Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC) is the leading and largest organization training and certifying intimacy professionals worldwide. Our students have gone on to work and create impact at every level of the industry including HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and on Broadway! 

We create supportive communities, where aspiring intimacy professionals can learn essential skills and build fulfilling and impactful careers. 

See What People Are Saying About IDC...

My Confidence Has Grown

"My confidence has grown as an intimacy professional. Whether I am taking an inquiry, speaking with students, or talking to fellow filmmakers, I can hear and feel the wisdom of my training in real-time."

IDC is Leading the Change

"Every instructor, curriculum creator, guest artist, and staff member that I have learned from [at IDC] is leading the change happening right now in our field... They are creating policies, procedures, and best of all - pathways for others to follow them in revolutionizing how we safely and bravely create art."

Absolutely Worthwhile

"The opportunity to take time to focus on my own craft as an Intimacy Director and learn additional approaches to the work is absolutely worthwhile to me. The people who choose to engage in this work tend to be some of the most generous of spirit and helpful people."