Build Your Career as an Intimacy Professional!

Elevate your career, make meaningful connections, and contribute to a more inclusive entertainment industry. Start making your professional dreams a reality, today!

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Build Your Career as an Intimacy Professional!

Elevate your career, make meaningful connections, and contribute to a more inclusive entertainment industry. 

At IDC, our mission is to help you create a successful and fulfilling career in one of the fastest-growing areas of entertainment.

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We are here to empower YOU - a passionate and committed artist - to move from the challenges of barely getting by in an industry that exploits your talents, to thriving as a leader in one of the fastest-growing areas of entertainment. 

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If the stress, frustration, and overwhelm of working in an industry that perpetuates harm has taken a toll on you,  maybe you've even contemplated quitting despite knowing that you were born to work in entertainment...

It's time to STOP sacrificing your boundaries, well-being, and joy and instead, approach the industry in a new way. Be a part of disrupting the harm, and finally build a sustainable career for yourself in this industry. 

If you're anything like many of the artists we've worked with, you've been¬†trying to make it happen¬†in the entertainment industry for quite some time, wearing various hats like performing, producing, directing, writing‚ÄĒor maybe a mix of all those roles and more!

You've been looking for stability in one of the most challenging industries in the world - not just because of the high competition - but because this is an industry that has historically exploited the people within it.

The reality of this has often meant...

  • Putting up with harassment from those in power, because¬†you've been told that speaking up will cost you the next job

  • Avoiding projects that involve intimacy because of the harm and exploitation often associated with these moments

  • Working long hours and extra days without adequate compensation

  • Saying "yes" to things you don't want to do¬†because you want to¬†prove that you are "collaborative" and a "team player"¬†- hoping that this will help you get¬†re-hired in the future

  • Being afraid to confront problems for fear of being labeled as "difficult"

  • Wrestling with the decision to either stay in an industry that doesn't always respect your agency and body autonomy or leave it entirely

You've probably, more than once, felt like you're standing at a crossroads, wondering if it's time to give it all up - Maybe you even did at one point - but you just keep coming back becuase you love this industry too much to let it go. 

So... it's time to approach the problem from a new angle - by putting yourself in a position to create change. You can make this industry better because you know what it's like to be without agency and autonomy. 

If you're ready to build a sustainable career that you love and make this industry better for everyone, we've got you covered...

You CAN make a difference for yourself and for others. 

There is a growing opportunity for you to be a part of disrupting the harm and position yourself to step into your power, agency and autonomy (and help others do the same!)

Working as an intimacy professional allows you to stay connected to the industry you love - the stories you love - in a positive way that includes advocating for the creative needs of those with diverse bodies and lived experiences. 

As an intimacy professional, you get to be a part of making a positive change while doing fulfilling work that is respected and appreciated by those around you.

Imagine that you had the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with like-minded artists¬†to tell the¬†some of the most¬†beautiful and vulnerable stories that shape the human experience

  • Receive acclaim, not just for¬†your art, but also for how¬†you create your art
  • Ensure¬†actors¬†maintain their personal agency and body autonomy - things you wish someone had done for you¬†in the past
  • Have the skills and flexibility to work on BOTH TV/Film Sets AND Theatrical Stages

  • Become a leader in one of the fastest-growing industries in entertainment

  • Set and uphold boundaries¬†that prevent burnout and¬†make you a stronger collaborator

That's what it means to be an intimacy professional!

Becoming an intimacy professional is the best way to create a fulfilling and impactful career in the entertainment industry.

Intimacy work is one of the fastest-growing areas in entertainment. In 2016 this role barely existed, and now it has become a near requirement for all SAG-AFTRA TV/Film sets and this work can be seen on almost every Broadway stage! 

Because of the newness of this industry, the demand for intimacy professionals is outpacing the number of qualified and skilled artists to fill these roles. 

When you have the skill set to successfully support these scenes, you have the opportunity to become sought-after for the expertise you bring to production, creating stability for yourself within this industry. 

Beyond that, you're performing a role that is integral to disrupting the patterns of harm that have been present in this industry for the last fifty-plus years!

You get to help people feel and BE safe, appreciated, respected, and valued... and YOU become appreciated respected, and valued in return. 

Meet IDC!

Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC) is the leading and largest organization training and certifying intimacy professionals worldwide. As leaders in this industry, our team has been on the front-lines of establishing intimacy work as the fastest-growing career in entertainment. 

Our students have gone on to work and create impact at every level of the industry including HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and on Broadway! 

We  pride ourselves in creating supportive communities, where aspiring intimacy professionals can learn essential skills and build stable careers for themselves while also making a difference in the lives of others! 

We've created the ultimate tool-kit to help you succeed as an intimacy professional...

The Intimacy Professional
Accelerator Program 

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Successful Career as an Intimacy Professional!

The Intimacy Professional
Accelerator Program 

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Successful Career as an Intimacy Professional!

It's Time To Turn Your Passion Into a Profession.

The Intimacy Professional Accelerator is a fully online program combining self-paced learning with interactive community elements designed to help you build a sustainable and successful career as an intimacy professional.

Divided into three key phases, this program takes you step-by-step so you can acquire the critically important skills needed to meaningfully contribute to both the product and process of intimate scenes.

You receive consistent and individualized support from our team of leading industry experts and dive deep into the nuances of BOTH Intimacy Direction for Theatre AND Intimacy Coordination for TV/Film!


See What's Waiting for You Inside....

Phase 1: Understand Your Artistic Identity

Explore how power and consent work in entertainment and embark on a journey of self-reflection. Gain insights into how you present yourself in different settings, arming yourself with the knowledge to become an empathetic ally and advocate for others. This crucial self-awareness lays the groundwork for your journey to become an in-demand intimacy professional.

You'll Know How To:

  • Advocate for the creative needs of individuals holding both similar and different identities than your own
  • Set boundaries for yourself so you don‚Äôt burn out (and help others do the same!)
  • Successfully navigate consent in the context of intimate work, even in the presence of strong and complex power dynamics
  • Gain the self-awareness needed to confidently guide the creative team during heightened scene work

Phase 2: Excel in Techniques, Protocols and Policies

Deep dive into the practices, protocols, and policies for BOTH Intimacy Direction (Live Performance) AND Intimacy Coordination (TV/Film). Acquire vital technical skills and learn how to create impactful choreography that fulfills the vision of the director within the boundaries of the actors.

You'll Know How To:

  • Understand and implement the protocols and policies for intimate scenes in TV, Film, and Live Performance
  • Troubleshoot complicated situations in alignment with industry standards
  • Determine the appropriate modesty garments and barriers to use in a variety of scenarios
  • Know the steps to take at each stage of production - from first getting the script to the final performance
  • Create impactful and dynamic scenes of intimacy in ways that make the entire creative team excited to be there

Phase 3: Build Your Intimacy Career

Establish yourself as a trusted and respected figure in the entertainment industry. Learn the art of crafting a compelling resume, discover effective job search strategies, and understand the nuances of navigating this complex industry.

You'll Know How To:

  • Create a dynamic resume that allows you to¬†stand out as a qualified intimacy professional
  • Build lasting relationships inside the industry that will help you land your next dream job
  • Establish yourself as a the go-to intimacy professional in your area
  • Build an unshakeable reputation as an ethical and integrity-filled intimacy professional
  • Identify the jobs worth taking and negotiate a rate that feels good and honors the specialized skill set you bring to production

Unlock Over $11,000 in Program Value!

Our program materials offer immense value! This is made possible by the top-tier content, comprehensive curriculum, and expert guidance from the industry's top professionals that cannot be found anywhere else!

See how each phase adds to the total program value:

  • Phase 1: Understanding Your Artistic Identity - Valued at¬†$2,997
  • Phase 2:¬†Protocols, Policies, and Techniques - Valued at¬†$5,997
  • Phase 3:¬†Building Your Career - Valued at¬†$2,997¬†

Total Value of All Three Phases: $11,991!

But here's the best part¬†‚Äď we're not pricing this program anywhere close to that!¬†Our enrollment rate is set with accessibility in mind so you can¬†access this incredible¬†value¬†without straining your budget.

Lifetime Access to Program Materials!

We built this program so that you'd be able to reference the materials again and again! No more scrambling to find notes you took from a class three years ago that are probably now out of date. When you enroll, you'll receive unlimited access to the program materials (and all future updates!) for as long as the program is running.

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Our Connection-Driven Approach

LIVE Sessions & Personalized Support

Get hands-on experience and connect with other intimacy professionals from around the world through our interactive online community! 

Community Access for One Year

12-Month Access (Valued at $997)

As soon as you enroll in the program, you be invited to join a vibrant online community of like-minded individuals committed to disrupting harm in the industry. You have 24/7 access to network and collaborate with your colleagues, at whatever time works best for you. The IDC team is also present and supportive inside the community in case you have questions that pop up in-between live sessions!

Monthly Skill-Building Session

12 Sessions Total (Valued at $2497)

Every month, inside the online community, you’ll get to practice a valuable skill from one of the three phases, LIVE, with your colleagues. Get the practical application you need to solidify your learning.

Monthly Group Mentorship Session

12 Sessions Total (Valued at $4997)

Receive direct responses to your questions from industry experts who share their best practices and guidance so you can feel confident about your next career move.


Meet a Few of Your Program Instructors


Award-Winning Intimacy Director & First Intimacy Director on Broadway


In-House Intimacy Coordinator for HBO/Max & IDC Co-Founder


Certified Movement Analyst & Intimacy Director for Dance


Intimacy Coordinator for No Hard Feelings, Bros, and American Horror Story

Cristina (Cha)

Broadway Intimacy Director & Fight Choreographer


IDC Co-Founder & Intimacy Director for Theatre

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Enrollment Options Built for You!

When you join the Intimacy Professional Accelerator Program today, you'll receive instant access to everything you need to begin your career making a difference for yourself and for others!


Option 1: Installment Plan


12 Installments

Here's What You Get:

  • Phase 1¬†- Understand¬†Your Artistic Identity
    (Value $2997)
  • Phase 2¬†- Techniques, Protocols and Policies¬†for¬†BOTH¬†Intimacy Direction¬†AND¬†Intimacy Coordination
    (Value $5997)
  • Phase 3¬†- Build Your¬†Successful Career
    (Value $2997)

  • Private Online Community¬†
    (12 Month Access)
    (Value $997)
  • Monthly¬†Skill-Building Session¬†(12 total)
    (Value $2497)
  • Monthly¬†Group Mentorship Session¬†(12 total)
    (Value $4997)

Total Program Value: $20,482

Your Investment:
12 Installments


Option 2: Full Investment


Save 15% By Investing in Full!

Here's What You Get:

  • Phase 1 - Understand¬†Your Artistic Identity¬†
    (Value $2997)
  • Phase 2¬†- Techniques, Protocols and Policies¬†for¬†BOTH¬†Intimacy Direction¬†AND¬†Intimacy Coordination
    (Value $5997)
  • Phase 3¬†- Build Your¬†Successful Career
    (Value $2997)
  • Private Online Community¬†
    (12 Month Access)
    (Value $997)
  • Monthly¬†Skill-Building Session¬†(12 total)
    (Value $2497)
  • Monthly¬†Group Mentorship Session¬†(12 total)
    (Value $4997)
  • ‚≠ź Full Investment Bonus: Skill-Building¬†Class¬†Bundle! Receive three of our most popular continuing education courses to watch on-demand!
    (Value $547)

Total Program Value: $21,029

Your Investment:

You both Save 15% when you fully invest,  and you support IDC's ability to provide payment plans and scholarships for others. Thank you for helping us increase accessibility to this work!


See What People are Saying About IDC...

IDC Put Me On The Fast Track.

"Training with IDC has absolutely put me on the fast track. The sheer amount of folx wanting to improve their rehearsal rooms with consent-forward practices has kept me so busy that I established my own LLC. I love seeing the impact my work has on the human beings I work with."

Worth Every Penny.

"WOW! This program is far more comprehensive, insightful, thought-provoking, and intentional than I anticipated. Absolutely blown away by the content and instructors... [it is] worth every penny towards my development as a better human and parent. All the praise for rolling out this online program with the amount of complexity for building a strong foundation in the work. THANK YOU IDC "

Do It For You. Because You're Worth It.

"I love IDC training -- it has developed my skills in communicating and taught me to forge healthy boundaries as my practice took root in compassion instead of fear. [IDC] is true to its core values of anti-racism, creativity, excellence, integrity, and sustainability. Do it for you. Because you're worth it."

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Scholarship Information

IDC is proud to offer scholarships for the Intimacy Professional Accelerator Program! To qualify for a scholarship, you must self-identify as Black, Indigenous, an Artist of Color (BIPOC) and/or Transgender. This scholarship program is available to all BIPOC and/or Transgender artists, regardless of their financial status. Click Here to Learn More!

Your Satisfaction Guarantee!

We've Got You "Fully-Covered"¬†ūüėȬ†¬†

We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of this program. If, within a full year of enrollment, you complete the program and aren't satisfied, simply show us that you’ve done the work and we'll refund your full investment! Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to ensuring your investment in our program is risk-free. Join us with confidence, knowing that your journey is backed by our guarantee.

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Accelerator Program FAQs

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