What's in an Intimacy Kit?

May 23, 2024

 If you’re an intimacy professional, this may be all too familiar for you. But! If you aren’t, perhaps you’ve heard of what we like to call an “intimacy kit.”  An intimacy kit is basically all of the go-to items an intimacy director or coordinator may bring into the room to be fully prepared for the scenes they are working on. Here are some of the items you may come across in a kit!

  • Breath mints 

  • Personal hygiene materials like a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash  

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Unscented lotion

  • Alcohol wipes

  • Baby oil

  • Nipple covers

  • Double stick tape

  • Barriers

  • Panty liners and non-stick pads 

  • Strapless thongs

Live Performance V.S. TV and Film

The main difference between an intimacy kit for TV/Film and an intimacy kit for live performance is the portability of the kit! While rehearsing for a live performance, the intimacy director has the flexibility to move back and forth between their kit items and the actors in the room. Oftentimes, intimacy directors leave the majority of their kit items at home and only bring what is necessary for the scene they are working on that day.

However, in TV/Film, intimacy coordinators often use a portable kit that is strapped to their body or close at hand. This can be a fanny pack or shoulder strap that is filled with any and all necessary items. This portability allows the IC to move as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption.

Looking for more info on kit materials? Check out some companies below!

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