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*IDC is proud to be a SAG-AFTRA Accredited Training Program!

Productions are looking for high-quality intimacy professionals.

Are you ready to be that person?

Our certification program is a multi-day in-person intensive training experience where you will refine your skills, build community with like-minded artists and gain the confidence to take your career as an intimacy professional to the next level.

If you're like many of the intimacy professionals we have worked with, then you've probably been digging into every learning opportunity you can find!  You love the accessibility of online training and learning from intimacy professionals from across the globe, but you find yourself craving the opportunity to sharpen your skills and gain more practical experience in person. 

You may also be at a point in your career where you are looking for a way to stand out in this incredibly competitive industry and to be recognized as a professional who not only meets but exceeds expectations. 

You're passionate, driven, and eager to make your mark in an industry that demands authenticity and expertise. However, the challenge lies in figuring out how to help yourself both stand-out and gain the advanced skill set that will allow you to take on more advanced projects and grow your career with confidence. 

It's time to decide how you want to stand out as a qualified intimacy professional.

Envision yourself as part of a community of like-minded professionals who share the same values and ethics. With IDC, you're not navigating the journey alone; you're supported by a network of peers who understand the unique challenges and triumphs of intimacy work.

Pursuing certification is not just about demonstrating your qualifications to others; it's about deepening your practical knowledge and deciding for yourself what it means to take the next step in your career.

Industry-recognized certification positions you as a leading intimacy professional, allowing someone to understand your level of training and knowledge immediately, and helping you achieve the recognition needed to navigate the competitive landscape of TV, film, or theatre. 

Take the Next Step in Your Career with IDC's Industry-Recognized Certification Program

Advanced Training. Life-Long Connections.
Greater Impact.

The certification program is an in-person immersive experience unfolding during our annual Intimacy Summit. Led by industry experts, this program offers a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge and skills in the art of intimacy direction/coordination for TV, film, and theatre - walking away with an industry-recognized certification!

What to Expect in Our Certification Program...

  • Multi-Day In-Person Intensive Training:¬†Immerse yourself in a comprehensive curriculum that prepares you for the highest industry standards. Dive deeply with a cohort of like-minded individuals. (At this time we are anticipating 6-7 days in-person)

  • Expert Guidance:¬†Receive top-notch training from industry professionals who are leaders in the field of intimacy direction & coordination

  • Hands-On Experience:¬†Engage in practical exercises that will sharpen your skills and prepare you for real-world scenarios

  • Networking Opportunities:¬†Connect with fellow professionals, directors, and producers in both TV/Film and Theatre during our dedicated conference component

Two Pathways to Certification

The Certification Program allows you to dig deeper into your specific industry. Learn from your area's leading experts so that you can expand your impact and grow your career. 

Certified Intimacy Coordinator 
for TV/Film

Confidently lead productions from prep to post! Learn from industry trailblazers, working on sets for Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and more!

IDC is proud to be a SAG-AFTRA Accredited Training Program for Intimacy Coordinators!

Certified Intimacy Director
for Theatre/Live Performance

Stand out in the industry with guidance from our team of leading experts with experience from regional theatres to Broadway!

‚≠ź Prerequisite Training: The Intimacy Professional Accelerator Program

If you're here because you want to get certified - make sure you first complete our self-paced program! Inside you'll unlock important skills and information needed to become an intimacy professional and set yourself up for success in the certification program! Click HERE to Get Started! >>

Program Details

IDC offers two intimacy professional certifications: Intimacy Director for Live Performance and Intimacy Coordinator for TV and Film (SAG-AFTRA Accredited Program). This program utilizes multiple days of intensive training to prepare intimacy professionals to work in this industry.  

Program Admission Requirements

When you register* for this program, you will be asked to provide evidence that you have completed the following:

Intimacy Professional Accelerator Program

To register for this program, you will first need to successfully complete the Intimacy Professional Accelerator Program.

You will be asked to upload your certificate of completion from the program at the time of registration. 

Mental Health First-Aid Certification

Mental Health First-Aid training is offered from a variety of sources, many of which are free of charge. 

You will be asked to upload a certificate of completion at the time of registration.

Click here to learn more about Mental Health First Aid. >> 

10-Days Industry Experience

You will be asked to confirm that you have a minimum of 10 days experience in your chosen discipline (either Theatre/Live Performance or TV/Film)

While we encourage these 10 days to be as an intimacy professional, your industry experience does not need to be exclusively such.

Please Note: You will not be required to submit evidence of these days at the time of application, but we reserve the right to request confirmation of these days at any time. 

Self-Study Training Requirements

You will be asked to upload proof of 3 or more hours of formal training in the following disciplines

  • Trauma Stewardship
  • Anti-Racism/ Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Allyship and Advocacy
  • Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation¬†
  • Anti-Harassment/ Anti-Sexual Harassment¬†
  • Mediation or Conflict Resolution
  • Bystander Intervention¬†

Certificates of completion are preferred, though we will also accept proof of registration. 

*These are the anticipated requirements at this time. IDC reserves the right to adjust these requirements in accordance with industry standards and needs when releasing the final registration form.


Program Pricing

We are still in the process of finalizing details for this program and will share with you more details as soon as we have them! 


About Certification

Intimacy Professionals certified through IDC operate within a specific code of ethics, hold a high artistic standard, and conduct their work professionally, respectfully, and appropriately.

All certification candidates must complete an evaluation of skills in order to become certified with IDC. Certified Professionals are required to participate in bi-annual renewals (every two years) to maintain their knowledge and skills of the discipline. 

IDC Certified Intimacy Professionals are committed to upholding our professional and ethical agreements. If you understand that one of our certified professionals has not upheld our professional or ethical standards, please contact us or fill out our report form.

In alignment with our Professional and Ethical Agreements, all participants joining the Certification Program are required to undergo a background check. Full details will be released with the program application.

See What People Are Saying About Certifying with IDC...

The Investment is Worth It!

"As a dancer/choreographer of musical theatre who works in academia, [IDC] has truly transformed the way that I interact and approach students about the work. [Intimacy work] is enlightening, refreshing and empowering, especially working at a historically women's college. The investment is worth it. Ask your administrators for funding!"

I Can't Imagine Pursuing this Work Without IDC

"Those in hiring positions value and respect what it means to be an IDC-Certified Intimacy Professional... Since beginning training with IDC, I've become the Resident Intimacy Director at my university... I've worked continuously in film, TV, theatre, and opera as an intimacy coordinator and director. I can't imagine pursuing this work without the training and support I've received from IDC."

Greatest Learning Experience of My Life

"I cannot imagine trying to do this job without this training. [IDC] helped me understand more of the film process and what protocols should be followed in intimate scenes. It was invaluable and gave me connections that better both my work in intimacy coordinator and as a human. This was the greatest learning experience of my life."

Certification FAQ

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